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An Alternative Guide to the Netherlands

There’s been so many people that have asked why I chose to move to the Netherlands rather than taking the easy option of Gino moving to England. There are two different reasons; firstly, I don’t like taking the easy option… ever! And secondly, the Netherlands is AMAZING!

Let me just explain to you why in my alternative guide to the Netherlands:

  • The food – I love fries, the Dutch LOVE fries.
    I love bread, the Dutch have the most incredible bread, it’s a match made in heaven! Don’t even start me on the cheese…oh boy the cheese… and meat!
  • Honesty – if you have ever had the pleasure to have a Dutch friend, relative or partner, you will understand just how honestthe Dutch are. At first it’s a little disconcerting, especially for us English who tend to shy away from pointing out that massive lump of spinach you’ve had in your teeth for two hours, or that huge spot on your head that you have tried to cover up with more make up than Max Factor. But soon you learn to revel in their honesty!kings day
  • Celebrations – the Dutch love to celebrate, whether its Kings Day in April or Carnaval in February, any excuse to get dressed up in orange or sew frogs to your jacket (post on this topic coming soon) and the Dutch will make the most of the opportunity.
  • And this leads to parties – in England having a house party was something I did when I was 15 when my parents left me alone for the weekend, and I prayed that nothing would get broken. In the Netherlands it seems like every weekend there is someone throwing a party. Old or young everyone gets together, usually at someone’s house, to drink copious amounts of alcohol and eat snacks (see next point).
  • Snacks – this point automatically makes me think of a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar…. Oh no the Dutch take their snacks much more seriously! If you ask a Dutchy for a snack they will happily prepare for you chicken satay or fried snacks such as bitterballen, kroketten or frikandellen.
  • Which leads me on to frikandellen – think sausage, but with more spices, and nicer…..much nicer!bikes
  • Bikes – the Netherlands is flat, therefore everyone cycles. The infrastructure is set up for it with cycle routes into and around every town and city, there are 18 million bikes in the Netherlands, meaning there is more than one bike for each person in the country.
  • Height – as a 5ft 8 inch girl it was hard to find a man in the UK that I didn’t tower above when I wore heels. The Dutch are the tallest race on the planet, meaning when I’m in a room full of people in heels I’m probably one of the shortest.
  • Footwear – the Dutch have incredible taste in footwear, despite being tall they take their footwear fashion very seriously. Next time you’re with a Dutch person look down at their feet, I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

… and I haven’t even talked about windmills, tulips or clogs! This list could go on for a while…!

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