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An English Girl’s Review of HardBass 2016

I’m not going to pretend I’m a huge fan of hardstyle music, I wouldn’t choose to listen to it in my car or chill out to it in the evening. However, what I do love about hardstyle music is the feeling it creates, the passion that hardstyle fans have for the music and the amazing feelings that buzz around hardstyle parties.

Gino and his friends are HUGE hardstyle fans, which I’m sure goes some way into making me enjoy the parties so much. I would say I am still a hardstyle novice, having only gone to a few in the last 10 months, and my dancing still needs a great deal of improvement, but I will get to that later.

The Event


Last weekend we went to Hardbass 2016, an indoor festival in Arnhem, about an hour from den Bosch. I have been to the venue before, and its always nice to know where the toilets are located without having to go on a search! We got the train from den Bosch to the venue, which gave us just enough time for a few drinks on the train with the other several hundred people also heading to the party.

The party was organised by B2S, that arrange some of the biggest parties on the hardstyle calendar, so I always knew it would be well organised. Somehow the Dutch can easily, without fuss get 30,000 people in and out of a venue with a flair that the English just can’t master. I have lost count of how many times I have had to queue for three hours to get out of a venue after a gig in the UK…. but the Dutch are way too efficient for that.

The Music

The music was divided into four sections, for four different teams. The teams were made up of different well known DJs who would collaborate together, with the likes of Detox, Delete, Warface and Wildstylez on the bill. As with all parties the music started off quite Euphoric, with some songs that even I knew the words to, and then got harder as the night went on. Finishing at the end with a more Raw style.

Even with my novice ears, I can say the music was amazing, with plenty of Gino’s favourite “kick-rolls”. Also a huge shout out to the saxophone solo in the Bass Modulators and Noisecontrollers set for Solo…. AMAZING!

The Stage


The stage and theme is always part of these parties I find amazing, the designers obviously spend the whole year designing the concept and different moving parts. HardBass was one of the least impressive of the parties I have been to, but none the less there was obviously alt of creativity that went into the military theme.

The Dancing

As I mentioned earlier I would not call myself a good dancer…. in fact I don’t think I would even call myself a dancer. I like to throw shapes like the best of them, but managing to do this in time with the music, to the right beat… that’s something different.

Dancing to hardstyle is a skill, a skill that I am yet to master and I’m not holding out hope that I will master it either. But thankfully Gino’s friends don’t seem to mind, and are happy for me to be bobbing along to my own beat whilst they are all dancing enthusiastically the hardstyle way.

Overall Experience


Once again I was amazed by another hardstyle party and Hardbass 2016 certainly delivered. I must also give credit to the group of people that continued to put a smile on my face or scooped me up on their shoulders (probably to stop me from dancing) through the eight hour event.

So when’s the next one….?

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2015… What a year!

What a 2015 I have had, there have been so many highs… no lows that I can think of… and a whirlwind of new adventures! Here is my 2015 in summary:


I wanted to start 2015 how I was meant to go on, and so despite still living in the UK, I spent New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands. Gino’s cousin Rafe threw an awesome party, and even arranged for us to celebrate the English New Year, which is an hour behind the Netherlands. The Dutch love their fireworks on NYE, probably because they are banned the rest of the time, so I got to experience the busiest night of fireworks I have ever seen!


Moving time! Gino drove over with a van and we packed up the last of my stuff and had a farewell family dinner. My mum cried and gave Gino an ultimatum about looking after me… bless!


February also brought my first Carnaval experience, I have written about this in a previous blog you can find here. Needless to say I am looking forward to 2016’s celebrations!Saturday Night


The BIG 3-0! This was the month that Gino really excelled on the boyfriend front, and has got bragging rights for the next 10 years (but don’t tell him I told you), he wanted to make my 30th go off with a bang, and BOY DID HE!

The first weekend (N.B. My birthday tends to last for two weeks at a minimum) I was whisked away to Amsterdam, on what I thought was a last minute break, little did I know that my friends Gemma, Char and Jimmy were all meeting us there.Amsterdam

The second weekend, I was taken on a surprise trip to Rome! The weather was fantastic, the food was incredible and we visited the Pope. What more could you want?!Rome


Kings Day! Another thing the Dutch love, their monarchy. I really respect the way they love their Royals, which is probably due to the fact the King gives them a free day off an encourages street parties and drinking! Gino and I stayed round Den Bosch; he wanted to show me what Kings Day is all about. It was amazing, yet another Dutch festivity that I can certainly get used to!


We also moved into our apartment. It just took 30ltrs of paint, 12 bottles of cleaning solution, two trips to Ikea, six long days and nine amazing helpers… and we got there!


The Mother-ship turns the BIG 6-0. At the beginning of May we flew home for the Mother-ship’s birthday celebrations. She had a very English garden party… despite the weather being typically British I most importantly got to introduce Gino to my crazy extended family! He survived, and passed the test with flying colours (of course).

I also started my new job at Genie and was immediately sent to Paris and then Italy for training. So I can’t complain too much.

Tash visited! It rained, which stopped our plans of cycling around the Netherlands, but we persevered… with beer.Tash

Finally, we got round to throwing our first house party… and the police were called… at 10:30pm! Sorry neighbours.


I went to my first hardstyle party! Finally the summer started which added to my first hardstyle party being a HUGE success. Gino’s friends did well in converting me to the hardstyle way, and even took me to the “hardcore” stage for a few minutes. The only way I can describe this is hardstyle on speed… insane beat, insane dancing!Intents


The heatwave. The Netherlands was hit by the most insane heatwave in July, two weeks of 30-40 degrees of sweaty heat. It just so happens that my car has no air con (school boy error) and we were going to a festival slap bang in the middle, which can only be described as the sweatiest moment of my life.

CRAFT was rained off. In contrast at the end of July we headed to Amsterdam for another festival, however, the wind and rain meant that we spend three hours standing in a warehouse before the Gemeente (Amsterdam Council) called off the event for safety fears. Trains, buses and public transport were cancelled, so we went back to a friend of Gino’s house and carried on the party until the train lines reopened and we could get back to Den Bosch.



Back to the UK – Tash’s Birthday! So I was back to the UK again, the short 45 minute flight makes it so easy, this time for Tash’s birthday. She decided she wanted a Made in Chelsea weekend (a TV reality show for those of you that don’t know). So with my ex-landlady Georgina we headed to London for cocktails, overpriced cocktails and… the Ice Bar.



Bye bye teeth. Despite asking for the NHS to take my wisdom teeth out for the last ten years, they continued to refuse! Cue the Dutch dental system where one trip to the good old Tandarts meant that I was booked in to the hospital to have my teeth pulled out. I couldn’t eat for a few days, but that’s just a weight loss bonus!


HELLO BALI! Despite being budding travelers, Gino and I hadn’t had an official holiday since returning from Asia in July 2014, therefore a break was well needed. After a false start and a 27 hour flight delay (thanks Malaysia Airlines) the holiday was what dreams are made of! We had two weeks in Bali to dive, play with monkeys and eat our body weight in Indonesian food! Now… where to next?


Oh and it was Gino’s birthday… which makes me slightly less of a cougar for six months. He once told me I could “never scare him enough” so I sent him up in a stunt plane!Gino


Ik Spreek Nederlands. I finally started Dutch lessons, and have two hours each week to practice my best Dutch words. Gino has noticed that my confidence has improved, but I am still quite a way from being fluent!


It’s CHRRRRIIIIIIISSSSSTTTTTMAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS! Probably my favourite time of the year, and this year I am passing on some English traditions (mainly turkey, mince pies and Christmas crackers) and adopting some new ones. Therefore SinterKlaas visited on 5th December, to find out who he is take a read of my previous job post here, and I will have a “Second Christmas Day” rather than “Boxing Day”.Sinterklaas pic

So… what now for 2016? Hopefully improving my Dutch, getting on the property ladder and many many more fun times… Bring it on!

Sinterklaas: The Lowdown!

Christmas is a time when our family get out some very weird traditions – the weirdest probably being mushy peas with our dinner… YUM! But this year I have had to adopt a new tradition Sinterklaas.

Sinterklaas is the Dutch (and Belgian) version of Saint Nicholas, now don’t get this confused with Father Christmas or Santa, who rides a sleigh pulled by reindeer, lives in the North Pole and arrives on the 24th December. Sinterklaas does none of these!

Instead of Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Vixen Sinterklaas arrives on a white horse called Amerigo (but most Dutchies call him Schimmel) in the middle of November from Spain into the Netherlands. He stays here until 6th December, meeting children and checking his naughty and nice list. But don’t worry he’s not alone, he comes with his trusty helpers “Zwarte Piet” (Black Pete).


From the time he arrives until the 6th he visits children’s houses leaving sweet treats and small gifts in shoes that children leave out with hay and carrots for the horse. There is no actual set date that SInterklaas arrives at your house, so you shoe must always be prepared! This time of year also brings pepernoten – small round shaped cinnamon cookie things that I have already eaten 3 x my body weight of!

The 5th December is known as Pakjesavond, (literally translated as package evening), and is when you get your main SInterklaas presents. I know what you’re thinking… “So you get presents on the 5th and not on the 25th?”… oh no my friend… we get presents on BOTH!!! That’s right, BOTH! Well when I say “we” I mean children, but seeing as it’s my first year living in the Netherlands, I am really a child in Sinterklaas terms!

Therefore at some unspeakable hour before work, there was suddenly a gift left in my shoe by the door!! …

Sinterklaas pic.jpg

OK, OK, so the Netherlands obviously has way to many names beginning with K, so I had to have an S letter for my second name instead, which surely would be made of more chocolate, so a bonus right!

All I know is I could get used to this double Christmas thing!




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My Last Six Months…

So I have been pretty slack on the updating front in the last six months, so apologies. Life has been pretty jam packed and a lot has been going on, which I want to update you on over the next month or so in more detailed posts.

Here is a snap shot of what’s been going on:

I got a job!

Yes that’s right, I finally had to leave my very comfortable working from home job, and start integrating into office life once again. I found a great job in Roosendaal, which is continuing what I love (marketing) with a great international company. I had a few “interesting” interviews including one that said my personality was too bubbly… errrm OK!

We got an apartment

home** Please excuse the half-naked man in the picture!

If you want to be utterly confused, try renting in a foreign country! After nearly three months of living in the luxury of Gino’s mum and dad’s house, we decided we should stop eating their food, and pay our own way (apart from on Sundays when we still return for a good meal cooked from the parents). We now live in a beautiful apartment in the city, just a short walk from bars, restaurants and the buzz of Den Bosch.

I had my hard style festival virginity taken

hardstyle_changed_my_life.-1163375You know that loud noise that you hear Europeans listening to and think “What the hell is that noise”… no not Scooter! It’s fair to say that despite my early concerns, I am a convert to the hard style way, and can (sometimes) do the dance!

DecibelDecibel 2015

I turned the BIG 3-0!

And what girl shouldn’t be totally spoilt by surprise trips to Rome and having her friends flown over for surprise weekends in Amsterdam! My birthday once again was stretched out to about a month. I made sure I said goodbye to my 20’s very VERY well!


Yes, it was a surprise, and yes, there were tears!

RomeIf there was one place in the word that could turn me religious, it would be this place! St Paul’s Cathedral, Rome!

I successfully drove on the right side of the road

One of my fears since moving to the Netherlands has been transitioning to driving on the other side of the road. After eight months behind the wheel in the Netherlands I am brave enough to drive without chanting “right, right, right, right”! And I only dove on the wrong side once… ok maybe twice!

 I started Dutch lessons

This was actually only a few weeks ago, but the first few lessons went well, and I can now say more than “ik moet plassen” (I need to pee), WINNING! Gino and I plan to talk an hour a day of Dutch… let’s see how that one goes!

I learned how to make satésaus

This is a huge step in me becoming a proper Dutchy!`


There have been so many things that have happened over the last six months it’s hard to summarize in such a short blog post, but hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight into major things that have happened so far. I will update more detailed soon.


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