About me

Having spent 28 years in the UK I decided to do what most of my friends did ten years earlier – travel. I spent 15 months gathering the most amazing memories and experiencing things people only dream of. Along the way I picked up a very special souvenir, my very own Dutchy Gino!

When the money ran out, we both had to return to reality and separate. Although we always planned to live together once we had both saved money, it hadn’t been decided if Gino would come to England or I would go to the Netherlands.

Of course the easiest option would be for Gino to come to the UK, his English was perfect, sometimes better than mine! But the easiest option is not always the best!

After spending many short breaks in the Netherlands visiting Gino, I was sure that this was the place I wanted to be.

So at the beginning of 2015 I packed up my bags and moved to the Netherlands. Hopefully the posts in this blog will go some way to explain why as well as the strange things I find along the way and my struggles to learn Dutch.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and share similar stories!



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