My Last Six Months…

So I have been pretty slack on the updating front in the last six months, so apologies. Life has been pretty jam packed and a lot has been going on, which I want to update you on over the next month or so in more detailed posts.

Here is a snap shot of what’s been going on:

I got a job!

Yes that’s right, I finally had to leave my very comfortable working from home job, and start integrating into office life once again. I found a great job in Roosendaal, which is continuing what I love (marketing) with a great international company. I had a few “interesting” interviews including one that said my personality was too bubbly… errrm OK!

We got an apartment

home** Please excuse the half-naked man in the picture!

If you want to be utterly confused, try renting in a foreign country! After nearly three months of living in the luxury of Gino’s mum and dad’s house, we decided we should stop eating their food, and pay our own way (apart from on Sundays when we still return for a good meal cooked from the parents). We now live in a beautiful apartment in the city, just a short walk from bars, restaurants and the buzz of Den Bosch.

I had my hard style festival virginity taken

hardstyle_changed_my_life.-1163375You know that loud noise that you hear Europeans listening to and think “What the hell is that noise”… no not Scooter! It’s fair to say that despite my early concerns, I am a convert to the hard style way, and can (sometimes) do the dance!

DecibelDecibel 2015

I turned the BIG 3-0!

And what girl shouldn’t be totally spoilt by surprise trips to Rome and having her friends flown over for surprise weekends in Amsterdam! My birthday once again was stretched out to about a month. I made sure I said goodbye to my 20’s very VERY well!


Yes, it was a surprise, and yes, there were tears!

RomeIf there was one place in the word that could turn me religious, it would be this place! St Paul’s Cathedral, Rome!

I successfully drove on the right side of the road

One of my fears since moving to the Netherlands has been transitioning to driving on the other side of the road. After eight months behind the wheel in the Netherlands I am brave enough to drive without chanting “right, right, right, right”! And I only dove on the wrong side once… ok maybe twice!

 I started Dutch lessons

This was actually only a few weeks ago, but the first few lessons went well, and I can now say more than “ik moet plassen” (I need to pee), WINNING! Gino and I plan to talk an hour a day of Dutch… let’s see how that one goes!

I learned how to make satésaus

This is a huge step in me becoming a proper Dutchy!`


There have been so many things that have happened over the last six months it’s hard to summarize in such a short blog post, but hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight into major things that have happened so far. I will update more detailed soon.


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